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3shape D700 scanner

3Shape scanner D700, CAD / CAM system
力和灵活性的中型至大型技工所。 3Shape's D700 series scanners are used for medium to large laboratories where productivity and flexibility are important.
3Shape 产品,服务于全球范围内数千家 The D700 scanner series is a popular 3Shape product for users , serving thousands of companies worldwide
Laboratory. 标准和复杂适应范围提供高通过量。 The D700's outstanding productivity provides high throughput for standard and complex adaptation ranges.  

a. Optimize scanning of plaster models and impressions
科适应症 b.Dental System Professional Edition-covering all dental indications
c. Quick scan time
Generation: 25 seconds (30 seconds)
双摄像机) 3-unit dental bridge: 100 seconds (125 seconds with dual cameras)

高准确度:20 微米 e. 1.3 million pixels high accuracy: 20 microns

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